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The greeting you receive by the lovely receptionists and the high quality of care received by the Dentist and Hygienist actually makes coming to the dentist a pleasure.

- Anne Jackson 2015


How did you feel about your smile before having the Six Month Smiles completed? - Hated smiling, extremely conscious.

How do you feel about your smile today? - Super Happy, amazing change.

How would you describe your experience of the Six Month Smiles process? - much better than expected, minimal pain.

How did you feel about your appearance during the Six Months Smile process? - So many people wouldn't ever realise until up close, much better than original braces.

How did you feel about the way you've been treated in our office? - Everyone has been great, everything explained in detail.  Could/would not change a thing.

- Emma Harper

The reminders-staff friendliness. Communication - The dental nurse came to the waiting room to advise of a slight delay. The dentist talked through check up and treatment.

I was impressed with the way my problem was delt with, no fuss, no waiting, excellent. The dentist was reassuring, professional and very kind.

My dentist and hygienist are very friendly and give me good individual attention.

Friendly receptionists. Clinicians are also very professional and put you at ease.

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